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You know how the present fad is to stay connected to everyone and everything, everywhere and everyway using modern technology – cellphones, iphone, facebook, computers, television, you name it!

It’s the world we live in, we can’t fight it.  We don’t want to fight it.

Well, lets take a page out of modern technology’s book and stay connected ….TO THE EARTH……AND STAY HEALTHY

Did you know … that if you’re presently doing one or more of the following things, you could be wreaking havoc on your health?  (Check all that apply to you)

You live in a house and/or multi-unit dwelling or building that’s built above the ground.

You wear shoes or slippers on a daily basis – with synthetic, man-made soles.

You spend little or no time walking barefoot on the ground or wading in the ocean.

If you live in a developed country, there’s a good chance that you checked all of the above.  As innocent-sounding as they may seem, those 3 things are making you sickwithout you even knowing it!

Consider this:  When you go to a doctor and complain about chronic pain … or sleep problems … or allergies … or you’re diagnosed with a disease like diabetes, heart disease or cancer – does the doctor know the reason you’re sick or in pain?

More often than not, your doctor does not know what the cause of your health problem is — and neither does he or she know how to cure you of whatever ails you.  Especially when it comes to so-called incurable diseases like cancer.

So your doctor puts you on one medication after another… treating symptoms rather than the root cause of your health problem.  And you get no relief.

What if I told you that there is a revolutionary new healing paradigm –  one that does not require you to take drugs or undergo surgery or other medical procedures — and yet helps eliminate the root cause of most, if not all your health problems, such as …

Chronic Pain



Parkinson’s Disease




High Blood Pressure




Stress Disorders

Heart Disease



Immune System Disorders




Alzheimer’s Disease

And what if I told you that this healing paradigm consists of a simple “do-it-yourself” therapy that can be done without a doctor’s intervention — is very inexpensive, and in most cases, free — and the healing results can sometimes be seen instantly?

Now, there’s compelling scientific evidence that shows that most of your health problems  may be caused by your “disconnection” from the earth — and there’s an easy solution that can eliminate the “culprit” that’s causing those problems.

My name is Adelle LaBrec. I’m a long-time writer and editor, specializing in holistic health and wellness.  In my new book – Ground Therapy: The Revolutionary Healing Paradigm for Eliminating Pain, Disease and Inflammation – I reveal the scientific breakthrough that allows you to tap into the natural power of the earth to rid your body of sickness and disease – so you can experience a long, healthy life.

But before I can unveil this amazing solution, you first need to understand the problem. I like to call it…

The Great Disconnect

Modern living hasn’t done you any favors.

Your ancestors used to walk barefoot and sleep on earthen floors. But not you. You probably haven’t run around outside barefoot since you were a kid.

In fact, if you’re like most people – and I suspect you are – you rarely ever connect your body to the earth anymore. Even if you spend time outside, you’re insulated from the ground by the synthetic soles of your shoes.

You are disconnected from the earth.

Now bear with me for a moment…

This isn’t some tree-hugger hippie talk. This theory is based on solid scientific evidence…

The Surprising EMF Connection

You are already aware that the earth has an electromagnetic field (EMF), right? Sure, that’s common knowledge.

But did you know your body has them too? Some scientists believe every cell has its own EMF.

These are not like the man-made EMFs that have been getting so much bad press lately – and deservedly so. Those EMFs can do much damage to your health, but more on that later.

The EMFs in your body are natural and highly beneficial. They help regulate important biochemical processes and enable your cells to communicate with one another with electrical impulses.

Plus, they’re designed to interact with the earth’s EMF to help you maintain optimal health.

But there’s a problem…

When you’re disconnected from the earth, your body’s electrical systems go haywire – and your health takes a nosedive.


Or better still, buy my book and get all the facts – Ground Therapy: The Revolutionary Healing Paradigm for Eliminating Pain, Disease and Inflammation

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The above is revealing to you several areas which would assist in achieving an enhanced state of bodily health.  But what about your mind and the other areas of your life.  We are body, mind and spirit. You can do more for yourself by achieving peace of mind and happiness in ALL the areas of your life and I can help with this too. Find out how by visiting my other website

Adelle LaBrec

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