What are the keys to a happy life?

Happiness means different things to different people.  But let’s face it, the pursuit of happiness is one of the main agendas of human existence.  To me, the keys to the enjoyment of life are good health and peace of mind.  You have the power to enable you to achieve a reasonable degree of happiness in this life and this is normally achieved by staying healthy and having the knowledge to deal with the important aspects of your life, at home, at work and in public.

I can help you to stay healthy.  That is my main aim for creating this website ‘www.websterhealthyways.com’ where you will find a goldmine of tips on staying healthy.  You were fortunate enough to land here and you are welcome to make the most of them.  They will help to keep you healthy and give you the knowledge to help you to live and enjoy your life to the full.

Knowing how to deal effectively with life’s situations is key to our happiness as this is how you achieve the peace of mind I spoke about.  But even this I can help you with.  If you want to achieve this you can acquire this knowledge and these skills by reading my books “Lifelines – 101 Thoughts and Tips for the Journey of Life” and “How to Love -  Wisdom of the Ages in a Couple of Pages” I assure you that they will help.

These books consists of the gemstones of my life collected over my entire life, which reveals a vista of sayings, thoughts and teachings garnered from a life which was spent looking for ways to live a wise, constructive and peaceful life.

You owe it to yourself to read these books if you are serious about achieving happiness in your life.  Give them to those for whom you care.  It would be something they will cherish and appreciate for the rest of their lives.

So don’t pass up an opportunity like this.  It’s your chance of a lifetime to make a difference in your life and the lives of those special people in your life.

These books are available at Xlibris.





Have a happy life.

Anthony Webster



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